50 Opportunities to Make a Fortune … Every Year

First, I want to say that I’m thrilled you will be joining me for the Super Bull Summit on August 25.

On that day, at 1 p.m. EDT, I’ll be sharing full details on the most important wealth creation period of our time … and the proprietary strategy I’ve engineered to target gains of 1,000% or more, in one to three years as it unfolds.

Frankly, I’ve never been a part of anything like this before. Then again, I’ve never announced anything this big or this exciting either.

This event, for me, is bigger than the time Barron’s ranked my hedge fund one of the “world’s best,” and it’s more exciting than the time I won a prestigious investment competition during the 2008 crisis.

Perhaps that’s because, for the first time ever, I am using my skill set to help you profit during an era when new millionaires and fortunes will be forged — versus the über wealthy, who gladly handed me anywhere from $1 million to $400 million at my hedge fund.

I spent over 20 years helping the wealthy turn millions into tens of millions — now it’s time for me to help YOU get the chance to turn tens of thousands into hundreds of thousands (or, perhaps even millions). 

You see, I’ve been actively testing this strategy for years … using it to target the most dramatic, nearly guaranteed wins I can find…

Stocks with the ability to soar 1,000% or more in just a few short years.

We even had one, Stemline Therapeutics, explode 145% in a single day.

I feel as if my whole career has led up to this one event.

As you may already know, after spending over two decades on Wall Street, I left in 2011. I came to the realization that I had made more than enough money, and my priorities shifted from career to family.

So, at the age of 42, I technically “retired” and moved to a suburb town on the outskirts of Raleigh, North Carolina.

It’s the best decision I ever made. I get to spend plenty of time with my children (before they get to the age when they don’t want to spend time with me).

And, at the end of the day, that’s what ALL of this is about. Finding ways to make money, safely, so we can do the things we love to do.

I wouldn’t put on this Super Bull Summit if I didn’t think my strategy could help you do the same. In fact, I am confident it could help you achieve more wealth, faster than you ever thought possible.

Of course, as you can imagine, I never stopped investing. It’s in my bloodstream. The idea of turning every $1 into $10 (and every $100,000 into $1 million) is a thrill for me.

Starting at 5 a.m. every day, I spend over 10 hours researching the next best investments. And you know what — since leaving Wall Street, I’ve become a better investor.

I was able to get rid of all the “noise” and focus on different strategies.

If you are a member of my Profits Unlimited research service, you will know my main strategy well.

You will also know that it has led us to gains of 199% in just three years, 125% in less than two years and 92% in under a year on various recommendations. These gains are a big deal. And they’re only a drop in the bucket of our returns.

But the strategy that I use in Profits Unlimited is just one of my strategies.

But How Can a Person
Have More Than 1 Strategy?

For comparison, think of basketball.

A great basketball player can score by diving to the basket for a jump shot or a layup, and he/she can score by draining a three-pointer.

In Profits Unlimited, I use a strategy similar to a drive to the basket for a jump shot or layup. The strategy I will be revealing in the Super Bull Summit is like a three-point shot.

This strategy is more aggressive. I will be aiming for the big wins. I will miss sometimes. But when a person make

Of course, I’ve worked really hard to minimize as much risk as possible, but that risk does exist. That means if you choose to follow my recommendations, you should only do so with what you’re willing to put on the line. That being said, this strategy isn’t reckless either. This is a strategy for which I’ve analyzed over 13,000 hours of real market data (at a great expense using highly technical tools), and a strategy I’ve tested out with my own money to make as much as 2,500% on a single trade in just eight months.

Furthermore, this strategy has helped countless amounts of people achieve financial success over the last three years:

“Thank you, Paul. I have watched my account go from $205,000 to $585,000 in just three months! You have assured my retirement.” – Emma T.

“In less than 3 years, you and your team have helped me build my portfolio 115%! I’m blessed that I made the call to sign up with your services. You and your team are doing the right things for many of us small investors!” – Caleb J.

“My wife and I put in around $70,000 of our money [in your recommendations], and in the last three and a half months our accounts have grown to over $100,000! That’s $30,000 I wouldn’t have had without the wisdom coming from this team.” – Andrew N.

“I subscribed a little over 2 years ago. My daughter got bit by a dog and received a settlement, and I have managed her account following your advice. She started with $148,000…and now it is over $370,000! She is 9… I have no doubt she will be a millionaire by the time she is a teenager!” – Douglas K.

“Paul, just a note to tell you that you are a real deal. I jumped in with both feet, investing $400,000. Thus far, your advice has generated $107,000 in profits in 10 months!” – Sarah R.

“I bought 1000 shares of [THIS STOCK] at $15.10. I can’t believe my eyes. The stock is up to nearly $46. I’ve made $31,000 on a single stock in a matter of couple of weeks!” – Chad L.

“I invested $15,629 in FMI, and now it is worth $102,394! A gain of $86,764 [in a little over a year]! Thanks, Paul, I obviously recommend your services highly!” – Matt C.

These are all real people, making real profits, using the exact strategy I plan to share with you on August 25 at 1 p.m. EDT.

And frankly, I believe we are in the most important time ever to begin implementing this strategy.

Because as we speak, approximately 50 stocks per year are surging 1,000% or more.

Yes, you read that correctly, on average…

50 Stocks Go up 1,000% or More in a Year … Every Year

That’s four opportunities a month, or one opportunity every seven days.

Understand — a few years ago, that average was actually 41.

Meaning during this Super Bull era we’ve entered … we’re seeing the number of 10X opportunities grow by more than 20%.

Of course, when one considers that there are over 8,000 stocks in the market, it gets harder to find these 50 stocks before they rally to their phenomenal highs.

They are the “unknowns.”

However, I became obsessed with finding these 50 stocks.

I knew there had to be a way — a common DNA among these stocks, a way to spot them before they jump tenfold.

I put everything I had into finding them.

And I did it!

After all my research and personal success, I’ve found it comes down to three things — three “signals” that quickly separate the potential winners from the losers, when it comes to investing for 1,000% gains in three years or less.

Here are the three signals:

  1. They are a disruptor in a BIG market.
  2. Their numbers support huge sales growth.
  3. There has to be a scarcity of what the company does … and what the market can get.

While I am keeping this simple for now, there is a lot of research behind each of these signals that I’ll expand on in future posts — and in complete depth, during the live webinar on August 25.

So please, mark 1 p.m. EDT on your calendar for August 25. Set aside a whole hour to make sure you have plenty of time to watch it.

The webinar will start live at www.SuperBullSummit.com.

In fact, between now and August 25, visit this www.SuperBullSummit.com daily to see our posts. Doing so will prepare you for everything we will reveal during the live webinar.

Again, it’s as if everything I have ever done has brought me to this single moment … at the perfect time as we enter an unprecedented era of wealth creation.

And I am glad that you will be joining me for it!

See you on August 25.

— Paul Mampilly